Finnish alternative rock band Mummypowder fronted by singer-songwriter Janne Lehtinen. Celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2020.

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Billy Reeves: Trying to Ride a Donkey

December 1st 2023

Billy Reeves (UK/Theaudience) has released a cover version of a classic Mummypowder track, Trying to Ride a Donkey. Check the mesmerising video below!

Billy has previously been the mastermind of the band Theaudience and his second solo album including "Donkey" is due Spring 2024. The Manics' James Dean Bradfield has called him "The best English lyricist", so it's an honor to have a cover of ours to appear as the first single and the opening track for his solo album, to say the least!

Mummypowder is on Bandcamp

October 2nd 2020

Mummypowder Bandcamp

Mummypowder Bandcamp page is open! 🔥 To celebrate our 25 year journey, we rummaged through our cupboards, and – well, the point is, there's 20 previously unreleased tracks: demos and alternate versions, outtakes, acoustic demos, live performances, etc. included on these releases!

New Releases

Sara's Song single (+ a bonus acoustic version)
Centuries Later (Deluxe Edition) (2011)
Consternation? Uproar? (Demo Versions) (2004)
V. Strange (Deluxe Edition) (2003)
Headcleaner (2020 remaster) (1996)

Some of the gems include an outtake from 1999's The Heavyweight Champions titled "What's Gonna Happen", an early live favorite that ended up unfinished in the studio, as well as an energizing power pop version of German Shepherd from Centuries Later, on which it sounded somewhat quirkier.

Go check them out!

It's a shop!

September 23rd 2020

Mummypowder Swag Shop

There are now some very cool T-shirts available with Mummypowder logos on them. Winters get cold in Finland, so you cannot ever have too many of them, you know. Posters available as well!

All the shirts are made of 100% of recycled textiles. Go shop!

Mummypowder comeback in media

September 21st 2020

Mummypowder in One Quart Magazine Mummypowder in Rumba Mummypowder in Päivän Biisit Mummypowder on Antti x Antti Podcast

One Quart Magazine features a fantastic write-up by Nick Triani on the new single, the band's songwriter Janne Lehtinen, a recounting of what turned out to be (at times) a rather gloomy experience of recording the debut album "The Heavyweight Champions", and tells about his enduring friendship with the band's members. Photo of Mummypowder circa 1999: Nick Triani after Riitta Supperi

Spotify includes Sara's Song on their New Music Fridays and Suomi-indien Helmet playlists (topping the list for the latter!) is also enthusiastic with the release of the new single. Kiitti kaverit!

PopMatters and Rock Era Magazine both include Sara's Song on their playlists featuring best new music. Thank you! of course won't fail to mention our new single – and we're ever thankful for this wonderful blog's 19-year existence alone, not to mention appearing on its pages. Go check it out weekly for best new music.

Soundi, YleX and Music Finland all include Sara's Song on their weekly / regularly updating playlists of best new (indie) music. Thanxxx!

Päivän biisit is Aleksi Pahkala's ongoing listing of best new music across genres, featuring us as this week's cover star. Another great resource for tips on best new music to make your life better.

Antti × Antti Podcast have some inredibly nice things to say about the single and the band. Thank you, we are humbled!

You can stop holding your breath now:
New single out today

September 18th 2020


To celebrate the band's 25-year existence, "Sara's Song", Mummypowder's comeback single after a 9-year hiatus, is out on Aleksi Pahkala's All That Plazz label and can be found all major streaming services today.

Mummypowder V

August 23rd 2016

Mummypowder are in the process of gathering material and starting work on their 5th album. Expect to hear some new material some time in the future.

Seriously, you can start expecting, because you can hear Janne play some new material at solo gigs in October.

Music Alliance Pact 2011 May

May 16th 2011

Mummypowder's song 'A House' is included in the great Music Alliance Pact May 2011 Edition. For those not familiar with Music Alliance Pact, it "strives to identify the best new songs from around the globe and offers them to you for free consumption in a monthly mixtape." Go download the whole thing here.

Janne Powder @ Radio Helsinki 10th May 2011 11:00am!

May 10th 2011

Listen to Janne from Mummypowder talk about how the new album is their best yet, and how they're more rocking at gigs, among other interview cliches!

Centuries Later

May 10th 2011

The new album is released and available in record stores on 11th May 2011! Rockness.

Record release party

May 10th 2011

Mummypowder will play @ Semifinal (Hki) at 9:30pm TODAY in celebration of the release of the new record. Tickets 6eur.

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The Band

Mummypowder are a 4-piece from Helsinki who've released four albums in 12 years. The third album, 'Consternation! Uproar!', besides being a critical success, was on Mtv rotation and was released in Japan. The 4th album, 'Centuries Later', was released in 2011.

The Music


The Heavyweight Champions (1999)

V. Strange (2003)

Consternation! Uproar! (2004)

Centuries Later (2011)


I Think I'm Pregnant (1998)


Blackout Day (1999)

Trying To Ride A Donkey (2003)

Don't Hold Your Breath (2004)


A House by Mummypowder

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